About Fogbow 

Fogbow is a four piece band which is formed in 2013 in Kaohsiung city, Taiwan. Vocal, Huai-Chun Liu/ Guitarist, Yu-Hsiang Chang/ Bassist Jou-An Ko / Drummer Hsin-Hua Lin

The music style of Fogbow is affected by Joy division. They wrote their internal darkness from their heart in music and songs.

The first album: Bitter Setback is way different from the traditional post punk. We can find out Fogbow incorporates shoegaze and downtempo elements inside their songs which is the main shape of their album: Bitter Setback.

Fogbow released their first extended playing record "The first EP" in 2015. The style of the band is determined. After a year of recording, they released their first album: Bitter Setback. New EP releasing in 2018: Exhausted.

"Under three thousand meters ground, there are some creatures live around it. It absorb the moisture from the soil infiltrate by the sea. Until the body explode and release all the water out to the body. The water flow back to the surface soil and evaporate the water to the fog in the sky in the end." by Fogbow

霧虹 Fogbow 為2013年組成於高雄的四人樂隊,主唱兼吉他手劉懷君、吉他手張宇翔、貝斯手柯柔安以及爵士鼓手林信樺。

受到後龐克先驅Joy Division 的影響, 將內心的黑暗和對於外在的感受描述於音樂和歌詞之中。專輯:苦澀的痛擊 Bitter Setback。 別於傳統的後龐克節奏,霧虹將Shoegaze瞪鞋搖滾和Downtempo慢搖的元素加入其中,也呈現了苦澀的痛擊內心最根本的型態。 

於2015年發行第一張錄音室作品The First EP後,樂團的創作方向也正式確立。在經過一年的專輯錄製後,2017年正式發行第一張錄音室專輯:苦澀的痛擊。並於2018年8月發行新的錄音室EP作品:耗盡 Exhausted。

『在地底下三千公尺深的地方住著一群生物,它們吸收從海水滲透到土壤裡的水分,直到自己的身體快要裂開時,把所有的水分排出體外,這些水分經由土讓流回地表,最後蒸發成為天上的霧。 』 —— 霧虹